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Publications in refereed journals


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Other publications in English


Ahlfeldt G. and Gobillon L. (2021), "Introduction to the Special Issue: Emerging Trends in Urban Economics", Regional Science and Urban Economics, 103715 (IntroET.pdf).

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Working Papers


Gobillon L., Meurs D. and S. Roux (2021), "Differences in positions along a hierarchy: Counterfactuals based on an assignment model", CEPR Working Paper 11982, revised version (publicsector.pdf), Online Appendix (publicsector_appendix.pdf), revise and resubmit to Annals of Economics and Statistics.



Work in Progress


Urban economics

Structural Changes in France over 250 years (with Pierre-Philippe Combes, Gilles Duranton and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud)

Urban development in France: The last 250 years (with Pierre-Philippe Combes, Gilles Duranton and Clément Gorin)

Jobs in cities (with Donald Davis, Eric Mengus and Tomasz Michalski)

Welfare effects of the no-interest loans in France (with Gabrielle Fack and Aurélie Sotura)

Fertility, housing and the growth of cities (with Pierre-Philippe Combes, Nicolas Coeurdacier and Florian Oswald)

Labour productivity gains from the "Grand Paris Express" Rail Project (with Pierre-Philippe Combes and Miren Lafourcade)

The economic effects of high-speed trains (with Gilles Duranton and Miren Lafourcade)

Scattered development of social housing: SRU law in France (with Guillaume Chapelle and Benjamin Vignolles)

Productivity and agglomeration economies: A long-run perspective (with Clémence Berson, Pierre-Philippe Combes and Sandra Nevoux)

Alonso-Muth revisited (with Pierre-Philippe Combes and Gilles Duranton)

Labour Economics

Life-cycle Wages and Human Capital Investments: Selection and Missing Data (with Thierry Magnac and Sébastien Roux)

Careers of Elite School Graduates: Evidence from a large French firm (with Marion Leturcq, Dominique Meurs and Sébastien Roux)



Permanent Working Papers


Gobillon L.  and Selod H. (2007), "The effect of segregation and spatial mismatch on unemployment: evidence from France", CEPR Working Paper 6198 (smfrance.pdf).

Gobillon L. (2004), "The Estimation of Cluster Effects in Linear Panel Models" , working paper (clusters.pdf).

Gobillon L. and Le Blanc D. (2003), "Migrations, Income and Skills", CREST Working Paper n°2003-47 (migrations.pdf).